October 20-21, 2020 - Konstanz, Germany

‘Diagnostics-4-Future Conference‘ is the international meeting-place for users and providers from industry and science.

Based on questions in medical care, clinics and laboratories, innovative solutions for new diagnostics are discussed including research and development. The focus is also on solutions for rural areas (point-of-care). Organizer is the international competence network for diagnostics DiagNET that is coordinated by the health network BioLAGO and funded by the Interreg V-Programme “Alpine Rhine-Lake Constance-Upper Rhine”.

Conference Topics

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Diagnostics of Multiresistant Pathogens

blood sample - Diagnostics-4-Future - Biolago

Cancer Diagnostics

Medical pill - Diagnostics-4-Future - Biolago

Therapeutical Drug Monitoring

Stethoskop - Diagnostics-4-Future - Biolago

Lifestyle & Diagnostics

VR-Operation - Diagnostics-4-Future - Biolago

Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostics

Characteristics of the Conference


Initiator is the competence network DiagNET, where companies, research institutions and clinics work on new diagnostics. DiagNET is the only cross-border network for diagnostics in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Medical need

The discussed matters are highly user-oriented (physicians, clinicians, laboratories, medical centers). Medical needs and compatibility with user processes (clinical routine) are key factors for the conference.

Patient focus

Especially, patient-oriented solutions regarding health-care in regional hospitals are addressed (e.g. point-of-care-testing).


The conference connects partners from Europe with the 4-country region around Lake Constance (Germany, Switzerland, Austria & Liechtenstein).


5 Reasons for Attending

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    Summary of medical needs and diagnostic trends

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    Experts as on hand conversation partners

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    Impulses for new solutions and future collaborations

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    International exchange and networking

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    Partnering & Exhibition opportunities to present your solutions

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Pre-Conference Special
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